Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Ministry

A couple years ago Mark and I began to discuss what our ministry as a couple would be.  We had never really thought in those terms before and were challenged by friends that we met at church.  

We thought about it and prayed about it and let the Lord know that we were open and willing for His use.  

Enter summer 2008 when we started exploring adoption and foster care options (something we'd never thought we'd do).  God put this on our hearts - strongly.  Since the timing wasn't right for adoption and since we still wanted to serve we started our foster care licensing classes.  

We learned SO much.  We were so ignorant of the magnitude of this need; our eyes were opened and our hearts were touched.

We attend a mega-church in Southern CA (weekly attendance is around 6,000) and we just thought...what if we brought this to the church?  What if there are other people like us who have adoption/foster care/orphan care on their hearts but who don't have the information front and center?  And what about all the families within our large church who have adopted, are providing foster care and do have hearts for this?

So I decided to start an Orphans Ministry (and dragged Mark into it...he loves me).

We got a group together and got the ball rolling and this weekend we brought this to our church, front and center, and had such good interest.

My friend Ana and me, manning the table.

We had over 30 families show interest in this ministry who signed up for more information. (30 interested families may not seem like a lot to you, but I had been praying for 20, so God more than met my expectation!)  In March we are hoping to have an informational mixer for those families who are interested in learning more about adoption and foster care.  

We are so excited and I wanted to share!!!

And yes, we are STILL waiting for a placement.  Its been almost a month now since we were licensed and I am just trying to hang on to patience and trust.  But seriously, this kind of stuff kills me.   Please continue to pray for us if you think of it.  

One last thing...yesterday was my 50th post!  wow.  Who knew this blogging thing would become such a fun hobby?! to finish watching the Oscars (not that I've watch half the movies nominated, but whatever).  :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison, it's Mom - God is faithful - as you well know - and the response you received...30 couples is proof of that!!! It's amazing and awesome! I will continue praying, of course!

Continue in your patience - a placement will soon come; I am sure.

I'm watching the Oscars, as well - even though I have seen half the movies, as well!

Love, Mom xoxo

Amber said...

That is awesome! I wish I attened your church I would be all about it! :0)

Monica said...

Thank you so much for leaving me some love at my blog! You have a beautiful family. And it is so obvious the love that lives in your house. Your kids are precious. The orphan ministry you have started is awesome. Widows and orphans, what a great place to start a ministry. My husband and I don't have kids yet, but we are excited about it!

Rebecca said...

What a great ministry choice! My husband and I do not yet have children (in fact, it's a huge fear of mine. However, recently I had a moment of clarity in which I realized that if my emotional self was not ready for children until after my physical self was able to provide there are plenty of children in this world who need homes. This prospect of providing a home for a child who needs it when I am emotionally and spiritually ready took all of the pressure of 'having' children off.
Thank-you for this ministry!

Krystyn said...

Wow! What a great ministry! And you started it up? Awesome.