Friday, February 27, 2009

Brody News

More and more it looks as though we'll be staying in San Diego (this is obviously a terrible year to job search) which is making me realize that I really need to keep the family in the loop even more.  So this is for you family.  (Let me know you were here - leave a comment.)

Brody is still not crawling (and I'm definitely not complaining) but he is getting everywhere he wants to (via rolling, scooting, etc.).  His latest discovery: Molly's kennel. 

Brody has also been trying new foods and snacks.  His favorite snack is Pirates Booty (puffed rice and corn, pretty much turns to mush as soon as it touches his tongue).  Brody had his first bitter biscuit yesterday evening and LOVED it!  They are for babies 10+ months and since Bro will be 10 months on March 2, we figured why not? 

I love this face:

Of course, Emma had to have one as well. ;-)

I'm not too sure how Brody felt about that.

And lastly, although I promised Mark I wouldn't, I just couldn't help myself:

The chunk after clean-up (if I knew it was going to turn out so cute I probably would have moved the diaper).  Look at those legs and buns!  This brings new meaning to 'baby got back'! :)


Anonymous said...

Brody the hutt at his finest!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - it's Mom....oh, I miss you all so much!! Emma and Brody are just growing so fast and so much! The pictures are adorable...Brody cleans up so nice.

Love you all!!
Mom xoxo

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh! He is SO cute. I'll never hear the words 'baby got back' the same again - I love it!

Megan Lauriana said...


Krystyn said...

Oh what a doll! And, love the "chunk." And, you can totally crop out that diaper...if you need help, feel free to email it to me and I will do it for you:)

Bethany said...

toooooooo cuuuuuuuute!!!! I have a picture of Lexi and I JUST like that when she was a baby. Makes me sad! :( She's old now.