Monday, May 17, 2010


If you happen to stumble upon this post would you pray for balance for me?

Do you ever have those seasons in your life when you feel like you're barely keeping your head above water? Its not necessarily a bad thing, just that your life is B U S Y?

That is my life right now. Busy, chaotic, exciting (I'll admit), but definitely unbalanced. I am 2 weeks behind in school with Emma; partly due to my work, partly due to having the 2 babies (well Brody just turned 2, so he technically NOT a baby....but still...if I have to change diapers and feed them, they're a baby to me). Regardless, I really need to figure out this balancing act.

I'm typically really good about juggling things, but I've never had this many balls in the air.

I was re-reading Proverbs 31 and I noticed that she had "servant girls" (scoff). At this point I would give my left foot to have a few girls come to my house, do some chores, prep some meals, run a few errands, and bring fresh flowers while their at it (because I love fresh flowers in my home).

Until then I guess I will have to become the master at organizing. Pray that happens sooner than later...