Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye 2009

In 2009...

...I discovered that fostering a 4 day old newborn for nearly 3 months was HARD. A lot harder than I expected. It changed me and I look forward to the day when we are called to do it again.

...I learned to talk less and listen more. Discipline is golden.

...I realized that being a size 4 (or 2 or whatever) isn't important to me like it once was. I am beautiful, I have had three healthy pregnancies and have beautiful babies to show for it. Bring on the big butt and stretch marks! I AM BLESSED!

...I fell more in love with my husband than I ever thought possible. I am SO thankful for God's provision over my life when He placed my husband in it over 13 years ago and His many blessings and provisions ever since.

...I laughed so hard that I literally wet my pants (did I mention I'm preg with #3)! 'Nough said.

...I embarked on the journey of homeschooling and while unsure about this calling, felt God's hand ALL OVER IT! And it turns out I actually really like it.

...I (we) finally bought a house!!!! This was SO exciting and I am SO thankful for my humble little dwelling!

...I lead and completed my first Beth Moore study. Was super nervous about the intensity, but learned so much! Highly recommend it.

...I convinced my husband to get a cat. I have no idea how I accomplished this, but the cat is here and I am happy. And hubs even likes him.... go figure!

...I became a Twilight FAN! Who would have known that 4 books would cause such a fun obsession in my life and the lives of my girl friends?! we come!!!!!!!!

...I accepted that despite all my efforts to be in control, I'm not... and I'm okay with that. I actually prefer it that way now.

Excited about all that is in store for us in 2010! Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Out Of It....

I am 35 weeks pregnant now and completely out of it. Very uncomfortable, super tired, but WAY excited to meet our girl!! :)

I had Emma at 37 weeks and Brody at 38 weeks and so I am feeling all the stress and anticipation that comes during the final weeks of pregnancy. I am trying to be organized since I am also preparing for the Christmas festivities, homeschooling Emma, running my business, etc.

I feel super anxious about meeting this baby... And now that I know what it feels like to deliver a baby without drugs, a little nervous about that too. OUCH. But I've done it before and I can do it again. I just hope that she doesn't weigh nearly 9 lbs. like her brother did.

Below are a few pics that our friend John (who also happen to be a photographer) took about 3 weeks ago. How much bigger will the belly get??