Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hair Day!!!

Today is HAIR DAY!!! 

I'm getting my hair done today (FINALLY) and I'm stoked!  I love going to the salon and it being all about me for 2 hours...  Rarely does that happen.  And I really need some pampering/relaxation right now.

So real quick because my appointment is at 3pm - should I go from my long 'do (trimmed up of course...my bangs are longer than normal here): 

...to this short 'do (or something similar)?:

Story behind this: 
We were at Disneyland and I saw this chick and really liked her hair.  So I had to get pics and getting them from the back were easy because we were sitting behind her. But of course, I needed to get some shots from the front so I went in front of their table and pretended that I was taking  pics of Mark and Emma, who were seated behind her table.  Look at Mark playing along in the last pic! haha!  I'm SURE I looked ridiculous, but whatever.

I haven't gone short in a long time....so what do you think??  Stick with what works or try something new?  


Krystyn said...

That is too funny that your hubby played along.

I love hair shorter. I think it would look great on you.

Good luck with your decision.

I REALLY need to get mine cut. Hmmm..maybe I could see if a salon wants a review???

Megan Lauriana said...

You know what I always say! Hair can always go back. It'll be PERFECT for spring! :) Cut it short!


Megan Lauriana said...

You know what I always say! Hair can always go back. It'll be PERFECT for spring! :) Cut it short!


Amber said...

I know that I TOTALLY missed the time frame but...my vote would have been to cut it off! I love the freedom in knowing...it grows back. :0) I cut and grow mine out...all the time.

I can't WAIT to see what you chose!

Scott said...


That is hilarious!

It takes true hairstyle commitment to fake taking family pictures in order to show the hair stylist what you are looking for! :)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

You're so beautiful, you'd look good with an afro, girlie!

Thanks for your kind words on SITS today, you are so sweet!


Abbie said...

I hope you went short - I think you would look great!

Thanks for your sweet comment on Monday and I really, really appreciate your prayer.

I hope that God blesses you greatly through any foster children you may take in. My family had some foster babies when I was a teenager, and God blessed us through having them placed for adoption with my aunt, so now they are my cousins! I love getting to watch them grow up healthy and happy.

Luke said...

Husbands who play along... good stuff. I try to be that for my wife when she needs it [smile].

Me? I like long hair.

But, yes, it always grows back and I think it could work for you.

But I like long hair.

End of transmission.


Molly said...

Okay, the waving in the background was hilarious!

I congratulate you on being sneaky! And possibly thought crazy, but hey that's fun too! ;)

Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day!

Lace said...

Ha, that's hillarious that you took her picture! I do it all the time with people who are wearing bad outfits, have bad/funny hair... you know, anything I would want to show friends and laugh about. I'm a horrible person. My last one was a woman who was dressed in head to toe pepto pink... including go-go boots. True story.

:) Your hair came out cute! I know that post is further up, but I'm reading backwards!

cathy said...

I like your hair cut, looks nice. Love the necklace, my son did a great job. What a keeper.

The Schoolhouse @ Deer Run said...

Haaaaahaaa! I have done that before @ a baseball game, only I went up & asked her if I could take pics of her hair. It was very embarrassing!