Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hurry Up And Wait

Today I felt this strange nesting feeling come over me. You know, the one you get right before you're due to have a baby?  I felt the urge to really deep clean and organize knowing that I could get a call any minute from this little girls social worker.

And then I did get a call....

But it was from my new licensing worker who, by the way, is so sweet.  I am so happy to be working with someone new.  She's much nicer than our previous licensing worker was.  

She was calling to touch base and let me know that we could get a call anytime.  In her opinion, we should have a placement by the end of this week (!) or sometime next week.  wow.  We need to get a van (this was one of my first thoughts).  I need to dust (another initial thought).  

Now I have that feeling you get when you're 9 months pregnant and could go into labor at any time...except you don't know exactly when that will be.  So you busy yourself while you wait....and wait....and wait.  

Waiting is not my forte.  

I am praying so hard and so often for this little girl and her family.  I just wonder what situation she is coming from and what damage has been done?  What have these little eyes seen?  What if she doesn't like us or doesn't take to us?  Honestly, although I know that I will get extremely attached, my prayer is that I love her as if she were my own...I've been asking to Lord to help me to love her the way he loves her.   

Please continue to lift our family and her family up in prayer.  Please pray that through this situation God is glorified and lives are changed for His glory.  Thank you for your words of encouragement...I need all I can get. :)