Friday, February 13, 2009

Brody's Latest Photo's

I never expected that I would love having a son so much.  Because I only have sisters, all things girly has always been comfortable.  We are so blessed that God has given us a son.  Brody had brought his Momma and Dada so much joy.  Here are some pictures from earlier this week:

I love this little face and those sweet eyes.

These were taken right after bathtime.  Do you see his little curls?

Bro wasn't very happy about me taking his rubber ducky away.  But I had to get a shot of those teeth!

Look at that big ol' thigh! :)

Brody has been getting into things that he's not supposed to.  He loves getting into these old books of mine.

More pics to come.... Emma and I made Valentine's Day Cookies today!  Those should be up later today or tomorrow. 


kari said...

Bro is so stinkin CUTE! You guys need to come visit soon so I can give him Auntie Kari Kisses!!!!!!!!

Krystyn said...

Oh..those eyes! They are trouble, aren't they?

What a handsome little man.

BTW, how old is he?

Yankee Mama said...

He reminds me of my daughter Aliya who is 9 monthhs old. They have the same coloring.:) What a handsome little mister!:)

Tonya Ingram said...

I guess since I'm fairly new at reading your blog, I didn't even realize you had a son! LOL He is absolutely adorable! Those blue eyes are killers. Watch out girls. Hey... I hope you are praying for his future wife!