Friday, April 3, 2009

We REALLY Got The Call

I woke up this morning and just had a feeling that we'd be getting a call from our Placement Coordinator.

Sure enough, at 11am, she called.  She wanted to know if we would take a 4 day old baby girl and if so, could we be at the hospital before 3pm.  We didn't even think twice about it.  We dropped our children off at a good friends house and off we went to the hospital.

Mark and I both knew that we'd be getting called for a baby.  After last week's experience we felt the Lord preparing our hearts for it.

It was so very strange going to the hospital, signing all the release forms in place of the birth mother, and then meeting the mom only to leave with her baby minutes later.  

My heart broke for her.

But while we were there I did my best to reassure her that everything would be okay.  That her sweet baby is in good hands and that I'm sure she'll return home soon (which I'm not). She seemed to like us and I think she felt a little more reassured after our conversation.  

There is a court hearing on Monday to determine whether or not the baby can return to her. From what I've heard from all the social workers involved with this case, its not looking good for the mother.  She has 4 other children that have been taken from her.  I am sad for her. 
We'll see what the Judge decides on Monday. 

I know that many of you are wanting details, but I can't really divulge too much about the baby here.  We have to keep her identity as confidential as possible.  I'll call her baby Faith here on my blog.  She is adorable and very calm.  She is a healthy baby was not born with any drugs in her system, which we are thankful for.  I have already spoken with the birth mom on the phone this evening and she says that baby Faith sleeps very well through the night, so we'll see how that goes! :)   I'll be meeting with the birth mom a couple times over the weekend so they can spend time together.

Thank you all for your prayers.  We feel honored to be caring for this sweet baby while she is here.  I have faith that Lord will do His good work throughout this situation and I have faith that there will be a positive outcome.  


Your Cousin Michelle said...

What a blessing that she has YOU to care of her during this time of transition for her family. God willing her mother will soon be able to have all her children together again. I've dealt with this at work, and it breaks my heart.
Shower that baby with endless love and kisses.

Krystyn said...

I'm so excited for you guys. I know that Faith will bring you a lot of joy and you will be a blessing to her, too.

annamae said...

wow! what an amazing God orchestrated happening! I'll definitely be praying for you all. Hope the transition goes smoothly for you and your kids. can't wait to talk to you now! :)

Yankee Mama said...

I am in tears! What an amazing couple you are! That is one blessed baby to be in your care!

Mary said...

Alison - I will continue my prayers for you and Mark in this situation..and Baby "Faith". I know God's hand is at work here. My heart goes out to the birth mom, and I can't imagine this situation for here. But right now, the important thing is that the baby is well cared for - and she is in very capable hands. Blessings to you all.

Love, Mom xoxo

Rebecca said...

Baby Faith is in great hands. The range of emotions you must have experienced from getting the call to taking her home and now as you visit with the birth mother.

I hope all is going well and that Baby Faith is doing well.

How have your other 2 kids done with the new addition?

Luke said...

Lord, I ask that Your will will be done in court. May what is best for the child happen, and may You bring peace, comfort and joy to all involved. Amen.