Friday, April 24, 2009

My Latest...

I am sitting here drinking my coffee in my personalized Anthropologie mug that Kari got me for Christmas wishing I were still in bed.  I miss sleeping.  I am the type of girl that needs 8 hours of sleep in order to be nice.  Today I will have to work VERY hard at being nice.

Lately I've been day dreaming about moving to the South.  Specifically Texas, South Carolina (maybe not after the fires sad), Georgia (Savannah, to be exact) or Tennessee.  

I think that this is because for $250,000 I can get this sprawling 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2900 sq.ft. home in Texas:

Beautiful, huh?

For $250,000 I can get this 4 bedroom, 2 bath 1300 sq.ft. home in South San Diego (about 30 minutes from downtown):

Big difference, huh?

We have been home searching and although our budget is more than $250,000 (it has to be to get something large enough that is in the area we live) it is super depressing to know that if we left this expensive state we could get so much more for our money.

Mark would leave in a second.  His reasoning: we could move to the South or Midwest, he'd get paid the same as here in Southern CA, but we'd live so comfortably.  It would be easy and so much less stress.

If it weren't for the fact that most of our family lives in central CA, I'd totally be on board.  I've always secretly wanted to be a southern belle! ;)


Remember my plans to shape up?  

Yeah...I forgot about it too.  

I still exercise here and there, but have not hit it hard in a while.  I could blame my busy schedule, the energy-sucking demands of kids, etc., but regardless, summer is just around the corner and I need to go bathing suit shopping.


I better get on it or I'll have to sport one of these from :

Kidding.  I am modest (especially with these few extra pounds hangin' out) but I'm thinkin' a tankini will do for this year.  


Next weekend is a BIG weekend for me (oh yeah, and Brody!).

My baby boy is turning one a week from tomorrow!  *sniff sniff* 

In preparation for his Birthday festivities (big bday party on May 2nd up north) tomorrow is his first haircut!  I will probably cry because I am a big baby when it comes to milestones. Sunday is his 1 year pictures.  I can't believe its been a year already!  We are so, so very blessed and he is the most precious little boy.

Pics of his first haircut coming soon....


There is a lot more that falls under the "my latest" category but I'll end with a very interesting article that I came across this morning:

Apparently there is a 'No Poo' Movement sweeping the country (I may be exaggerating a little).  I might just have to give this a try; I'm a little granola when it comes to things like this. It was such an interesting read and I am seriously considering giving it a go (but oh how I'd miss my shampoo)...opinions?? 

Have a great Friday!



Bethany said...

Brody eyes are GORGEOUS!!!!

You could always move to Arkansas. Real-estate is cheap here! :)

Bethany said...

And we would SO be friends in real life! :)

Taryn said...

Now you see why we don't want to stay here! :P It's just too much money. I want a house! Also, I feel your pain on the bathing suit search. That modest one is about the only one that could cover all my lumps and bumps. ; ) Anywho, Happy 1st Birthday (almost) Brody!

Krystyn said...

You should totally move here! And, houses are still quite expensive.

And, maybe for your shampoo movement, just try to skip a couple days...or a couple more days!

Mary said...

Hey, Daughter!! Yes, you were right! I'm in between doing tons of laundry from our cruise...and catching up on your blog was so funny!! However, I'm not up for Georgia or Texas .... :( - sorry!
As far as the bathing suit - you will look " marvalous" daarling!

Love you! Mom

Ana-Julissa said...

The "No 'poo" thing is interesting (although at first I thought you didn't want to poo anymore, which was weird, haha!). A friend also told me not to shampoo my hair, but to only use conditioner. I thought she was weird and dismissed it, but after reading that article, I just might try it. However, I AM afraid of that two week awkward period when my hair might look disgusting.