Monday, April 6, 2009


UPDATE:  The social worker called us at noon and the court ruled to keep baby Faith with us! Praise God!   I was nervous all morning and so relieved that the judge made a wise ruling.  

Don't misunderstand, I am sad for the birth mother but at the same time she made the decisions that put herself in this situation and baby Faith shouldn't suffer for her mistakes.  

There is another trial April 20th (the Jurisdiction & Disposition Hearing) and that will determine whether the baby is to be under the jurisdiction of the court (like her sister, who is also in foster care - this scenario is likely) and to evaluate how the mother's disposition is and whether they will continue to offer her services (which they will if she continues to do what she's supposed to).  

There is a slight chance that the court could grant her custody of the baby, but the children's social worker thinks that is highly unlikely since the hearing is in 3 weeks, she isn't able to care for her 2 year old right now and she'll just be starting her services.  

So it looks like baby Faith will be here with us for a minimum of 6 months.  Can anyone get a good deal on a van? :)

Please continue to pray...


Today the Judge will decide whether baby Faith stays with us or is placed with her mother.

Nervous is an understatement.

I spent over 3 hours with the birth mother this weekend and I cannot see how any judge would put a child in her care.  I am sad for her, I am sad for Faith.  I am praying that God gives this Judge wisdom and that Faith stays here.  

I can't go into details about conversations I've had with the birth mother, but I am fearful of Faith's safety if she goes back today.  I knew the mother has some mental issues going in to this, but witnessed them first-hand this weekend.  

Please be in prayer for baby Faith.  Also, please be in prayer for her mother and father.  They have a lot of issues to work through.  


On a lighter note, Faith is a complete joy!  She is such an easy-going baby.  She eats so well and is sleeping great.  I thought that we would be completely sleep-deprived, but she sleeps through the night better than our own babies did and they were great sleepers!  

Emma thinks that she is so sweet and Brody is very curious about her! :)  Here is a pic from this weekend (thought I'd share since her face isn't too visible).  

We have so many friends and family praying for this precious child and ask you to lift her up in prayer as well.

I will update as soon as I know anything...



Sweet Home Amy said...

Aw, I'm totally praying for you!! Good luck and keep us up to date!

Melanie said...

I hope she is able to stay with y'all.

Mary said...

Alison - I am so anxious to hear how today goes - and praying constantly for everyone concerned! Sweet picture! Love you, Mom

Luke said...

Lord, keep working in this situation to bring about Your will. May Your peace be on everyone involved. Amen.


Krystyn said...

I'm so glad the judge decided in your favor!

Rebecca said...

Just read the original and the update. So glad the Judge ruled to keep baby Faith in your safe, stable home.

Praying for you, your family, baby Faith, and her birth mother.

Bethany said...

what a blessing. I'll be praying for your family.