Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Pics From Easter

Day Before Easter:
Finished coloring eggs with Nana.

Ready to open Easter baskets from Nana and Papa!

Coloring eggs at Grandma & Larry's house.

At Grandpa & Delia's for dinner.

My beautiful sister, Megan.

Opening Easter baskets from Grandpa & Delia.

Brody was more interested in Grandpa than the bunny!

Our Resurrection Eggs!

Easter Sunday:
Stop #1 - Mom & Larry's House
Grandma & Emma both looking beautiful!

(Emma's Princess pose - its her new thing.)

Our family.

With cousin Grace.

Stop #2 - Uncle Ray & Aunt Evie's House

Brody's first Easter! 

Checking out the eggs.

Brody with pretty little Grace.

Emma huntin' away....

All the ladies...

All the fella's...

Stop #3 (that's right...crazy busy) - Tia Delma & Tio Telma's house:
With Grandpa (& Bro's Nie Nie...he was tired).

Love hanging around this table.


Bethany said...

what a sweet, beautiful family.

kari said...

Can I just say your outfits are AMAZING???? Interesting that you never mentioned the green shirt....hmmmmmmmm............


Rebecca said...

Wow - what a busy day, and beautiful family...smiles all around!

Krystyn said...

What fun (and super busy) Easter celebrations!

Love the princess pose!

Ana-Julissa said...

Wow! Brody and Emma are so cute! AND YOUR MOM... she is beautiful! She does not look a day over 40.