Friday, April 17, 2009

Calgon...Take Me Away

I really thought that I would transition into foster parenting with grace.


I have been so tired these past few weeks, and I have to admit, a bit overwhelmed.  

Juggling the kids schedules, Emma's activities (like play-dates and now soccer), nursing Brody, feeding the baby every few hours (these two combined at night - not fun), taking the baby to mom visits, diapers, diapers and more diapers, running my business (not sure if I've mentioned it but I'm a Wedding Coordinator), leading a Bible study (which sadly, I've missed the past few weeks), homeschooling Emma, and keeping up with the house chores and cooking: 


If there is anyone who owns a luxurious spa out there who wants a review done, I'm SO there!  I need a break.  Some peace and quiet.  Time to recharge.

But since the spa scenario is unlikely, a date with my husband tonight will have to do. ;o)  We're going to one of my favorite seafood restaurants and I plan to wine and dine like this is the last date we'll have for a while...

...because it probably will be.

*Random side note: Emma is watching Go, Diego Go! - the one about Macaroni Penguins and she just said, "That's gross!  I didn't know penguins had an egg in their cu!" (pronouced COO)  

In case you haven't figured it out, cu is our word for bottom.  In Portuguese "cu" is slang for rabo, which literally means bottom.  

She is so funny! 

Okay, time to get ready for my hot date!  Hope you all have a great Friday evening!



~ Dawn ~ said...

Supermom award goes to you!! I don't know how you do it. I hope you have a great date night with your deserve it.

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Krystyn said...

Hope you had a great date!

I can't imagine two kiddos under one in a house at the same time.

You are a blessing!

Flax and spindle said...

A new child in the home is a new child in the home, biological or not. What a giving heart you have!! My prayers for a wonderful transition!!

Holly said...

I hope you had a great date with your husband :)