Friday, January 16, 2009

How Did I Not Know? I have been reading blogs lately and I have NO idea how I didn't know how awesome some of these people are.  I thought blogs were kind of dorky until I decided to start my own (naturally), but now I actively follow the captivating and informational stories of others and it is such a blessing to know that there are so many wonderful, Christ-loving families out there.  I am so inspired by the amazing stories I've read.  

If you are new to this and just browsing around you MUST check out Angie Smith's blog and read from the beginning of the story...AMAZING.  I love that family.  Also check out Melanie's blog which is completely entertaining and honestly, she's from Texas so she rocks.  

I am off to make some soup for my sick Emma, who is passed out on the couch at the moment. Poor baby never gets sick, so this is hard on her.  Have a great Friday and 3-day weekend! :)