Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Delay

I spoke with our licensing worker (LW) yesterday and there is yet another delay in processing our license.  Our background check for NH need to be re-sent because apparently the papers need to be notarized.  Our LW wasn't aware of that and so we have to do the paper work again, get it notarized and resend.  

Have I mentioned that I am NOT a patient person?

So now we're at this place where we aren't sure that we even want to move forward.  Not because we don't want to do foster care, but because there is a good possibility that we will be moving come September/November...is it even worth it to commit to a child if there is a possibility that we may have to leave?  We've always known that we might move, but in November, when we thought we'd get a placement, we felt like we had more time to work with. Now that its two months later we're just not so sure.  We were definitely expecting a placement by now.  The room/house has been ready for her arrival since October.  

What's most frustrating is that the social workers express what a need there is for foster parents but seem to do very little to expedite the process.  Please pray that God's will be done. I know that I am only seeing a piece of the whole picture.  There is something bigger in store...whether it works with my timeline or not.