Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Truths

1. My favorite day of the week is Friday because I have the whole weekend to look forward to.
2. I fell in love with my husband when I was 15 years old...and told my mom that I'd marry him one day.
3. Although I know its terrible, my favorite fast food hamburger is a Double-Double "animal style" from In-N-Out.
4. I used to dye my hair black in college (with the out-of-the-box-crap....not good!).
5. I played the clarinet for over 8 years and miss it sometimes.
6. I still sleep with my baby blanket that I've had for over 27 years (if my house were burning down it would be in my 'top 10 things to grab').
7. I got braces for a year (even though I didn't need them) so that I had perfect teeth and could start my acting career off right.
8. My first job was as a grocery bagger at Big John's Food King; I was 15.
9. I smoked cigarettes for nearly 3 years (18-21) and regret it.
10. When I'm nervous I play with my hair.
11. I am obsessed with perfect eyebrows although mine are far from it.
12. I accepted Christ when I was 12 years old.
13. I love to eat out at restaurants but mostly cook at home.
14. I used to want 6 kids, then 3 and now its back up to 4 (maybe 5?).
15. I LOVE Christmastime. 
16. I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate.
17. I don't have a favorite flower but my top 3 are tulips, roses, gerber daisies.
18. My favorite band is the Dave Matthews Band.
19. I do not like heights at all.
20. I've been fired from a job once: Chili's, 2001, I was one of 5 unfairly let go in a two week span.
21. I love my name, it means 'sacred truth'...and I am pretty honest.
22. My parents both speak Portuguese fluently although my sisters and I don't.  I want to change that.
23. I know sign language (although I'm way out of practice).
24. I used to hate beer, but I love a cold Corona every now and then.
25. My favorite season is autumn.