Friday, January 30, 2009

Game Recommendation!!

Okay, at the risk of sounding like a HUGE dork, I just have to say that if you have never played the game Settlers of Catan, you must!  Finding someone you know who has played it before is a plus, since it is a little complicated - but SO worth learning.  Get the Cities and Knights expansion; its such a better game with it.  

For those of you who enjoy online gaming from time to time you can play Settlers here (its called "Explorers" and that is the only difference you'll find).  To add to my already obvious dorkiness, you may find me playing online from time to time... username: AlieHowie. *wow...did i just admit that?*

Anyway, we just finished a game night with friends and thats why I had to announce the awesomeness that is Settlers of Catan.  Super fun.  Enjoy the picture (I felt it was very necessary for you to get a visual.)

p.s. I have no idea who the man is in the picture and I have no idea what his shirt means......anyone?