Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Foster Care Orientation

The foster care orientation went really well despite how LONG the day seemed.  We survived and the kids survived without us for the majority of the day.    

We filled out our licensing application, were finger-printed, TB tested, CPR and First Aid certified and we also registered for the 27 hours of required classes, which we'll be attending every Saturday from Oct. 18-Nov.22.  We accomplished a lot and are really looking forward to being done with our classes.

We also learned something VERY interesting: 
Apparently, when you adopt a child from the foster care system (I believe this is statewide, but definitely in San Diego County) not only is the fee minimal (if any at all), but you also receive a monthly stipend until the child is 18.  How is this not publicized?  I know SO many people who would love to adopt... and the most common reason for not doing so is "we can't afford it".  

This option could change lives.  If only more people knew!

When I found this out not only did I want to go that route versus fostering, but all I could think about was how anxious I am to get the ball rolling with our Orphans Care Team at church so that we can make this information public.  I want people to know that they can do this.  

But we've decided that since we aren't sure whether we are staying in Southern CA long-term, we will foster a 2-3 year old girl.  Then we will re-evaluate the situation and consider our options.

We constantly have feelings of apprehension, but know that God has called us to do this.  There is simply no other way we can explain how our hearts have been so transformed in such a short amount of time.  Please continue to pray for us.  And please pray for the little girl who will be joining our family in the near future.