Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We started our 27 hours worth of classes a few weeks ago and have learned so much about foster care and adoption.  We are once again faced with a new set of decisions that need to be made...

When we went into this we didn't even realize that adopting from foster care would be an option, but we've now learned of a program the county offers called Concurrent Planning.  This is when a child who has a very small chance (like 10%) of reunification with her birth family is placed with a foster family who has the intention of adopting the child if/when the child becomes adoptable.  Basically the Judge tells the birth mom that since she has continued to fail to meet the requirements necessary to reunite with her child they have a concurrent plan in place (adoption) for the child.  The birth mom is usually given one more chance to get it together and if she cannot, her rights are relinquished and the child is adopted by the foster family, who she has been with for some time.  

I think that this program would be a really good fit for our family since adoption is our goal. Mark, however, is still leaning towards traditional foster care.  This is something that needs to be decided soon because there are additional things that need to be completed if we are going to be preparing to adopt (classes, more paperwork, another set of fingerprints, etc.).  

Again, I ask that you would pray for our family.  I know that God has a plan and I am remaining faithful in that.  Also, please continue to pray for this little girl.  I find myself wondering where she is and who she is with and about the severity of the situation.  I pray for God's protection over her during this chaotic time in her young life.