Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Halloween was a blast! Emma was a 50's girl and Brody was a little Charger. We started off with a Halloween pizza party with friends and then went around with our group of nearly 20 kids trick-or-treating! Last year the kids were kind of confused by the whole thing, but this year they had it down! SO FUN!!!

Most of the kids...

Pizza time!!

Me & my sweet Emma.

Emma with her good buddies Ian (doesn't he look thrilled?) and Kenzie.

Emma was a princess last year so we told her she had to be something different. :) She has already declared that next year she will be Aurora! These girls share names (from left to right): Ava, Emma, Emma, Ava :)
Emma and one of her best friends, Emma G.

They would storm the houses.

Our buddy Eric in all his 80's coolness.


mommyx12 said...

Wow, your son looks just like you. Your kids are very cute.