Friday, November 6, 2009

Emma's New Love

About 8 months ago Emma began asking for a kitten.

We told her that she could get a kitten when she turned 5 and after we had bought a house, not thinking both events would happen so closely together.

Well, those two things just happened in September.

Below is Emma with her new love, her kitten (who has yet to be named...we are accepting suggestions). The kitten is a 6 1/2 week old female.

Emma is BEYOND overjoyed. I love the little thing too, she is so cute! Mark is actually really sweet with her (he picked her out). Brody thinks she's neat and Molly thinks she is the funnest "toy" we've brought home for her in a while. :)


Rebecca said...

So cute! I remember my first kitten - he looked a lot like Emma's does!

Mary said...

She looks right "home" with Emma - who is sure to spoil her with lots of love....reminds me of someone...who could that be??