Friday, September 18, 2009

Our First NFL Game!

Mark and I went to our first NFL game on September 5th!  It was so different than what we expected.  The Chargers were playing the 49ers (our team vs. our childhood team) and it was very cool to see a live game.  I won't lie, being packed in the trolley butt to belly was miserable and ALL the people everywhere totally took me out of my comfort zone.  But it was a good experience and we had great seats!

5 months pregnant here!

Reminded me of all the high school football games we enjoyed together.  Except I was in a really cute band uniform! :)


Jessica said...

I miss the high school football games that my hunny and I used to go to. We actually met face to face for the first time at a homecoming game (after talking via the phone for 2months).

Krystyn said...

Glad you got to enjoy a game with your hubby!

You're looking too cute.