Monday, September 28, 2009

Home Update

We closed on our house this past Wednesday and we are officially homeowners!


We are so excited and feel so blessed that we found a home that meets our needs! Everything went smoothly and our realtor and lender both said this was the easiest deal they've closed in months.

The sellers will rent from us until October 10th and then Mark and I (with the help of awesome friends and family) will spend that week painting, doing some demo on a few things, and new carpet and window treatments will be installed. We'll move in the following weekend.

I know I keep calling this a "God thing", but here's one more thing that just added to the sweetness of this entire process:

Mark and I began dating on October 17th, 1997 and every year since have celebrated our "anniversary" on that day, even after we got married (in addition to our wedding anniversary, of course).

This year we'll be moving into our first home on October 17th! What a great way to celebrate! :)

Have a happy Monday!



mommywonderland said...

Yippee! Congrats!!

Rebecca said...


Tooj said...

What a wonderful little timing "coincidence". :) October seems to be YOUR month. Enjoy the new house!