Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TV....Here I Come?!

I may have mentioned it before, but I am a Wedding Consultant (aka Planner, Coordinator).

Last week I received a call from the We TV Network because they are casting for a new show called Wedding Bliss which is all about one Wedding Consultant who plans a fabulous budget wedding for a deserving couple in just one week.  There will be 6 episodes total; 3 will be shot in LA and the other 3 will be shot in other locations that have yet to be determined.  Their casting company came across my website and asked if I would come to Burbank to interview for the role.

Um, ya!

So yesterday the hubs and I made the 2 1/2 hour trek up north for my interview.  I was super super nervous.  We went over questions that they were possibly going to ask me and I felt pretty confident going in.

The interview was in a room that was painted green, with a stool in the center, a small boom mic in front of the stool and a video camera.  Behind the camera was the interviewer, Kat.

The first thing Kat said was, "This is not your typical interview.  Don't be polite.  Be blunt." to which I responded, "Blunt in my middle name.".  She laughed and the tone was set for a pretty awesome interview.  I turned up the personality and answered every question with complete confidence.  

After the last question was answered she invited me to meet the owner of the casting company, Katie (the two Consultants interviewed before did not meet Katie - you have to cross the waiting room to get to her office).  :)  This was a really good sign and I was stoked!  Katie was very nice and she asked me if I had ever acted before.  I told her I'd done theatre years ago, but no TV.  We talked for a few more minutes and then Kat gave me the info about callbacks.

Callbacks are next week and I'm pretty sure I will get a call.  Whether or not I'll get the show, I don't know, but what a fun and exciting experience and what a great opportunity!  I am flattered that they even called me! 

Keep your fingers crossed!! :)



Taryn said...

This is so awesome! I hope you get on the show. :D I can't wait to find out.

Jessica said...

Wow congratulations! That must have been an awesome experience!!! Good Luck and I hope to see you on TV soon!

Rebecca said...

Fingers crossed! What a cool opportunity!

Amy said...

How exciting! I'll be praying for blessings for you!


Onfire said...

that is so super amazing I almost don't know what to say. blunt is my middle name, too, but it usually only lands me the title of "prickly". so good to see it working out positively for someone!

can't wait to find out!!

Krystyn said...

How fun! Congratulations and good luck. Can't wait to hear about next week.