Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sonlight, Here We Come...

Today I ordered Emma's curriculum for this upcoming school year!!

It was SO hard to choose!  Mostly for two reasons:

1) I was getting so much advice from so many different homeschooling Mom's that I was just all over the place researching this and that.  One said that they loved a certain curriculum and the other said she hated it...and so on.  I decided to follow my gut (which typically steers me in the right direction).

2) The curriculum that I kept gravitating towards (Sonlight) was BY FAR the most expensive one I came across, which is always pretty typical for me - If I like it, its usually the most expensive one, danggit!  But in my defense, its all inclusive and I don't have to spend time doing lesson plans, which I spent the past year doing.  With the baby coming, running my business, leading a woman's group and on and on and on.... I just can't stress about creating lesson plans this year.

But something awesome happened this month:

In just two weeks I booked 4 weddings, more than covering the Sonlight curriculum with some to spare.  Praise God!  Now that I think about it I don't really recall bringing this to Him in prayer recently, but I struggled with it for months.  He knows me and He is faithful!

Emma and I are super excited about this upcoming year as we officially embark on homeschooling!  Please pray for us during this time!  I'm sure it will be interesting, to say the least! :)


p.s. Thank you Paula, for giving me peace and encouragement during this time!  I am SO SO SO thankful to have you mentor me through this!  Love ya!


Our Family of 5 said...

Yay for choosing a curriculum and booking the weddings too!! Congrats :)

Luke said...

Praise God for His provision! And, yes, Sonlight costs a pretty penny... but that's because you get a ton of stuff!

I look forward to celebrating Box Day with you [smile].


Kristen said...

That is awesome! When I have children one of the things I definitely feel called to is to homeschool them :)

cathy said...

Thats great Alison, I am so glad you picked the curriculum for emma, you will do well with her. She is a smart young lady, you shouldn't have any worries. Good Job.

Darcel said...

Sounds like things are moving right along for you all. That's always good!

I have something for you over at my blog.

Jeanette said...

I was a homeschooling mom for eight years. Best thing I ever did with my life. Enjoy every moment, it goes by just too fast!