Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy First Birthday Brody!!!

Today is Brody's first birthday and what a fun day we had! Brody's birthday party was great and it was so nice to visit with friends and family.

We took LOTS of picture but I forgot my cord to upload them so they'll be up on Wednesday most likely. Look forward to those!!!

It has been a great year with Brody and we are so blessed to have been given the honor and opportunity to parent, guide and mentor him. We are so looking forward to celebrating many more milestones with our sweet boy.

Thank you to all the grandparents for your help putting this together! We are so thankful to you for all you do for us and our children!!!

Time for the hubs to rub my feets! :)

Have a great weekend!



~ Dawn ~ said...

Happy 1st Birthday!!! Hope you all had a great day! Now it's time for mommy to put her feet up and relax...LOL!

Krystyn said...

A year already? It flies so quickly! Happy birthday, Brody.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Did this post really end with "time for the hubs to rub my feet?" Oh my goodness. I am one jealous lady. How lucky you are! I will have to look into something like this more with my man. :)

I am sure you had a great time celebrating Brody's 1st. Should be great fun to check out the pictures!