Sunday, March 29, 2009

Praise Post!

I feel like I need to Praise God more for all the blessings I have.  Here are just a few things I am thankful for this week:

For my husband (and kids).  Mark is by far the best husband any gal could ask for.  He swiffers, plays with the kids because he really enjoys it, supplies me with large doses of sanity when I need it most, and loves me when I look my worst.  I am blessed. 

My best friend, Lindsay, for bringing out the 13 year old 8th grader in me and making me laugh hysterically.  I am so thankful for our years and years of friendship.

For Eve, who surprised me with Starbuck's on Friday morning; that was so sweet and I really love hanging out with her.  I really appreciate our friendship and hope we continue to grow closer.

For AnnaMae, who I consider my sister here in SD.  (Doesn't she look super cute in this pic?!)

For my crockpot, which both makes my life easy and make me look like even more of a fabulous housewife. :)
For mini M&M's.   I adore those little things.

For my sisters, whom I love and miss and want to spend a long weekend with very soon, just us girls!


Megan Lauriana said...

aww! SO cute. :) praise God!

Rebecca said...

AnnaMae could be your real sister.

While I'm usually a fan of full-size m&ms, my 'no sweets in lent' makes those mini look down-right yummy!

Eudae-Mamia said...

A man who Swiffers?! Definitely a keeper.

And thanks for the sweet comment over on SiTS!! Really. Em

rumma said...

nice photos..:)

Krystyn said...

What a great idea...we all need to take time to be thankful.