Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Delay

We were supposed to receive our license last week and mid-week I decided to call our licensing worker to see when we should expect it.  She informed me that she forgot to give us paperwork to fill out for background checks since we've lived in two other states other than CA in the past 5 years.  Apparently this should have been completed in October when she did our home inspection.  So she mailed them to us, we filled them out and mailed them back to her yesterday and on Monday she'll mail them out to the respective states.  UGH!  

I'm just praying that this delay isn't too lengthy.  We were really hoping to have a little girl join us for Christmas, but its not looking like that will happen now.  So we continue to wait and try to be as patient as possible (if you know me you know this is not my forte).  I wonder why the social workers don't move this along quicker...especially since there are so many children needing homes?  Its sad.  The kids are the ones who lose out.